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Jim Skinner Talks McDonald's Succes in a Global Brand Revitalization Keynote

 - Oct 5, 2012
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Former CEO and President of McDonald's Jim Skinner shares the successes, roadblocks and global overhaul strategies of the company in this brand revitalization keynote.

Skinner reminds the audience that when McDonald's opened its first stores, the only existing form of communication and connection, other than mail, was the router telephone. Today there are a staggeringly high number of ways to connect with others. As a result, this drastically elevates business principles in terms of customer service and product innovation. Today's business world hinges on immediacy and transparency and nothing stays unique for long.

Skinner then describes why the brand ran into problems into the mid 90s -- its management became too focused on getting bigger and paid less attention to becoming better. On its journey to capture the food industry, it grew complacent with its customer service policies, brand development and product innovation.

Skinner's brand revitalization keynote recognizes that the most successful brands are constantly on the run, always looking for the most efficient and effective ways to innovate.