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An Emotional Intelligence Keynote by CEO Jeffrey Bewkes

 - Sep 11, 2012
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Jeffrey Bewkes, the CEO of Time Warner, discusses the equality between emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence in this emotional intelligence keynote. While the two are separate from the other, Bewkes argues that they are equally as important.

Referencing different points throughout his career, as well as sharing personal anecdotes of failure and success, he explains how sometimes the smart and tough individuals within an organization cannot always be relied on to make the best decisions. Decisiveness does not always equate to responsibility; responsibility is demonstrated by those who are capable of admitting uncertainty and by those who express the desire to give issues a second or even third consideration.

Bewkes' emotional intelligence keynote also points out that not all effective leadership must come from the top. Being able to make quick and seemingly confident decisions does not always make for the best leader. Bewkes' keynote serves as an extremely insightful discussion for anyone in the media, broadcasting or telecom industries. His experience and knowledge creates engaging and thought-provoking talks for many different audiences.