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John Danner's Education Keynote Presentation Offers Strategic Advice

 - Oct 10, 2012
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The co-founder of Rocketship Education John Danner discusses tailored learning experiences in this education keynote presentation. Rocketship Education is an organization devoted to providing unique curricula for low-income students. As he explains, the number of students with massive potential but who are in non-conducive environments is staggeringly high. Oftentimes, students are too intelligent for their current environment but their behavior can be perceived as disobedient, resulting in lost opportunities.

Danner's education keynote presentation emphasizes the importance of paying special attention to each and every student. It's important that teachers have access to what they know and behavioral tendencies to create a blended learning program that complements skills and weaknesses. It is crucial that students feel empowered inside and outside the classroom. Rocketship Education focuses on finding a student's unique skill set and fostering it.