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This Andrew McCollum Keynote Discusses the Need for Academics

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: insidefacebook & youtube
This Andrew McCollum keynote discusses the essential role of education in one's professional success in America. McCollum begins his speech by sharing a quote with the audience that talks about the American dream. McCollum believes that the concept of the American dream is one of the best ideas the country has ever come up with. He sees education as the cornerstone in ensuring that people are capable of reaching their full potential.

After having left his position at Facebook and traveling the world, he came to realize that the concept of the American Dream was unique to the United States. With that being said, he also came to realize a variety of holes in the country's modern education system.

McCollum believes that three key perspectives on education are absent from the modern system including the the role of technology, education as investment and innovation and creativity. He argues that these categories are vital to learning, but that today's system and academic structure creates a barrier for their incorporation.