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The Sophie Morgan Disability Keynote Breaks Down Barriers

 - Oct 26, 2012
References: sophiemorgan & youtube
The Sophie Morgan disability keynote speech breaks down barriers of perceptions that many people have about people with disabilities. She talks about the importance of having programs and campaigns put in place to remove certain stereotypes. Morgan uses art as a platform to express herself and her ideas about disability.

She describes her art as a representation of the fact that "the juxtaposition of beauty and disability can exist." From her art and other people's shared stories about disability, Morgan founded the IMPerfect campaign, which focused on putting people with disabilities in a different light, modeling and having fun. Morgan hopes to see more models with disabilities being seen in the media, instead of being ignored. She has even designed a wheelchair for mannequins to be put in displays of store windows, which she calls the 'Mannequal.' She wants her work to be a symbol of respect, understanding, equality and inclusivity.

Morgans keynote is interesting and inspiring, it commands an audience and is definitely worth checking out.