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This Keith Nolan Keynote Reveals Military Prejudices

 - May 2, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Keith Kolan keynote the teacher of deaf education discusses the barriers that the military has erected to prevent citizens with disabilities from serving their country. Having a passion for the military since he was a child, Keith Nolan tried to join the army on several occasions but was always turned away due to his hearing impairment.

After catching himself telling a student that he too wouldn't be able to join the military Nolan realized that he was perpetuating the same negative message that he was subject to while attempting to follow his dreams. His research titled 'Deaf in the Military' illustrates how past American wars have had deaf soldiers who have overcome incredible obstacles and indicates how other countries allow deaf people to enlist in the army.

Although Nolan is still unable to enlist in the army, his campaign continues to advocate for equal treatment for citizens who don't view their handicap as an impairment.