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The Aimee Mullins Keynote Showcases the Athlete's 12 Sets of Prosthetic Legs

 - May 12, 2012
References: aimeemullins & youtube
The issue of beauty and what really defines it in society today is addressed in this captivating Aimee Mullins keynote. The speaker, who is an actress, model, athlete and professional speaker, owns over twelve sets of prosthetic legs, which have been custom-designed for her specifically. These include cheetah legs, jellyfish-like legs and legs that allow her to stand six feet tall.

While the discussion of her different sets of legs is highly fascinating, her speech delivers a very important message. She addresses the notion of beauty and disability in society today, noting that her physical differences do not define her as a woman or as a person. She explains how she doesn't slip into her prosthetic legs to replicate humanness; she does so provoke the senses and inspire her imagination.

In what is truly an inspiring keynote from a remarkable woman, Aimee Mullins engages in a conversation that affects individuals all over the world on a daily basis.