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Deon Gordon Discusses the Power of Social Media in the Entrepreneurial Journey

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: brazencareerist & youtube
Deon Gordon is an online entrepreneur and Auburn University graduate. Through his experience creating a website, Gordon developed dynamic marketing skills. He is now a digital consultant at the Microfit Group and Appsolute Genius as well as advocates for social media adoption.

The adoption of social media into all professional fields is vital. The use of social media and networks allows for a stronger presence offline. Gordon effectively argues that social networking is an integral part to any entrepreneurial objective. He uses the city of Birmingham as an example of the opportunities technologies can present. In taking advantage of networks and social media, the city has become a culturally rich community. While social media draws in outsiders, it also creates a stronger sense of community for the people already living in the city.

Gordon challenges the audience to engage in networking and to take advantage of the opportunities social media can bring.