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Kirk Sorensen Shares the Self-Sustaining Properties and Perks of Thorium

 - Jan 20, 2012
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In this speech, Kirk Sorensen explains how he stumbled across a naturally occurring fuel in the earth's surface that he believes could enable individuals to create a self-sustaining community on the moon. After working at NASA for ten years, Kirk Sorensen was motivated to discover a safer, cleaner and more efficient energy source instead of today's popular natural resources such as coal or petroleum.

While researching new forms of nuclear power as sustainable options, Kirk Sorensen discovered thorium. Thorium is a naturally occurring nuclear fuel that is four times more common in the earth's crusts than uranium. This type of nuclear power doesn't require the use of massive containers in which it is cooled. To use thorium is a much cheaper, cleaner and more efficient process. Kirk Sorensen describes thorium as being so energy-dense that one could hold a lifetime's worth of energy in one's palm. Thorium is a portable energy source that could not only create self-sustaining communities on earth, but also on the moon.