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Lisa Gansky Explains Why the Future of Business Depends on Sharing

 - Jan 9, 2012
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In this business-related keynote, author of the 'The Mesh' Lisa Gansky explains why the future of business depends on sharing between a variety of networks. Lisa Gansky describes the countless items and services the world has grown accustomed to sharing over time including public transportation, parks, concert halls and libraries. She believes that a wide range of businesses will soon be operating on a peer-to-peer sharing basis.

She attributes a number of incidents responsible for this shift including the recession, larger populations, climate change, the distrusting of big brands and the Internet. Lisa Gansky argues that as the access to all sorts of services, products and resources increases, the importance of ownership over these things will rapidly decrease. Lisa Gansky offers her audience an original and fascinating new business model designed to increase sustainability for the entire world.