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The keynotes by Jamie Drummond focus on the eight goals the United Nations set to attain by 2015....

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Jamie Drummond's Crowd-Sourcing the World Goals Keynote is Inspiring

 - Jul 18, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
Jamie Drummond's crowd-sourcing the world goals keynote reflects back to 2000 when the United Nations set out eight targets to improve the globe. Jamie Drummond is the co-founder of ONE, which works on the UN Millennium Development Goals. Its focus is on monitoring the remaining years of the project and completing these goals.

These goals have an end date set for 2015, but Jamie explains how successful the world has been with these goals thus far. These goals focus on minimizing world poverty, disease, and so far we have made tremendous progress towards meeting these targets.

Some global summits and conferences have not kept all of their promises, but Jamie emphasizes that the goals that are being met have so far made huge contributions. Jamie encourages audiences to make change to successfully complete the UN's targets.