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Greg Bennick's Pursuing Dreams Keynote is Compelling & Supportive

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: gregbennick & youtube
In this pursuing dreams keynote, Greg Bennick talks about passion, creativity and the human condition. Bennick describes passion as "the want to engage fully and embrace the abundance that life has to offer." Creativity is the process in which people take elements from around the world and create something that reflects what they want, need and can imagine.

In light of all the potential that people have to take the unreal and make it real is the human condition -- the limited time that people have on this planet. While everybody will encounter adversity throughout their life, the power to reason and create will ensure that misfortunes can be conquered.

Because so much time is already accounted for, Bennick asks the audience "what do we do with the seconds we have left?" The answer is use them for creativity. Because we can invent what we want in our lives, the only question that matters is "how long till we take the first step."