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Charles Brennan Discusses the Benefits of Speaking With Customers

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: brennantraining & youtube
Charles Brennan is the founder of the Brennan Sale Institute, where he now stands as president. He harbored expertise in sales business strategy through a myriad of positions, working to match his skill to the best consultants in the country. Through his exposure to several corporate work environments, he emphasizes the necessity to practice clear and concise communication, rather than trivial repetition.

Charles Brennan presents his opinions on the benefits of crowd-sourced data with confidence. He suggests that businesses need to shift their focus toward a day-by-day strategy, prioritizing the consumer-business relationship, which will also help them to receive better curated research and development information. Sharing a dialogue with consumers rather than reciting information allows for a memorable relationship, which is essential for building up brand loyalty.