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Rao’s Creative Art Speech Discusses Her Ability to Play with Perception

 - Feb 15, 2014
References: porsandrao & youtube
Aparna Rao’s creative art speech deals with her thought-inducing artwork that play on audiences’ perceptions and the underlying symbolism behind each piece.

The first piece that Rao shows the audience is Imperial Monochromes, a chaotic series of portrait panels that restructure when the viewer is in the room, sensing movement. The symbolism behind this is the exploration of how much movement it takes for the two states (chaos and structure) to move from one state to another.

The second artwork is the Handheld, which features a piece of A4 paper held by two wooden hands that tremble slightly to give the impression of a pair of hands trying to hold a paper steady. The instability of the hands are symbolic of the unsteady nature of a handheld camera, suggesting an alternative take on perception.