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Forrest McGill's Artifacts Speech on Fake Ancient Artworks

 - Aug 14, 2013
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Speaker Forrest McGill discusses fake ancient artworks in this interesting artifacts speech. McGill is the Chief Curator at the Asian Art Museum. He talks about the large number of artifact replicas and fakes flooding the market.

Forrest McGill says that not all fake artifacts are made to deceive buyers. Some are designed like souvenirs for tourists, and eventually get passed off as the real thing by a seller.

McGill explains that it can be very difficult to figure out whether or not an artifact is real. Though some of these artifacts are thousands of years old, con artists have developed numerous way in which to duplicate these ancient artworks. One of these methods includes baking the duplicate to give it the look of an older artifact. Another interesting method involves burying the duplicate underneath a pig pen, to make it appear more ravaged by time.