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Young-ha Kim Discusses the Pursuit of Dreams in His Artistic Repression Keynote

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: kimyoungha & youtube
In Young-ha Kim’s artistic repression speech, he discusses that every body is a born artist and that society later on discourages them from cultivating it to chase a more worthwhile endeavor.

The first moment a child starts to lie is the beginning of the time he or she starts being a storyteller. They start talking about things they haven’t seen, which is amazing says Kim.

Being an artist, people would normally believe that it involves being gifted or thoroughly trained in a particular form. Kim sites that people give numerous reasons why a person should not take up painting, dancing or acting, and that people don’t have enough reasons to pursue it.

People need to be bold and have fun more often, whether doing it secretly or publicly performing their art. Kim says that just by doing it people will be much happier with their pursuits.