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Liu Bolin's Invisible Man Speech Discusses the Meaning of His Invisibility

 - Jan 31, 2014
References: liubolinart & youtube
Liu Bolin's invisible man speech discusses his philosophy behind the concept of making himself disappear into his own artwork. Liu says that by making himself disappear in his own piece of art, he indirectly questions the audience of the inter-canceling relationship between the civilization and its development.

All of Liu's works pertain to concept of family planning, elections that remain in accordance to Chinese law and the propaganda of the institution of the people's congress.

In Liu's invisible man speech, he tells the audience of the process and the philosophy behind each piece of art he constructs. He tells us that any culture will have their irreconcilable contradictions, and his part, is to pinpoint these contradictions and transform them into thought-provoking artwork.

Liu tells us that he pays more attention to the process and expression of ideas. In paying more attention to the expression, like why Liu chooses to become invisible in his work, the audience will take a step back and question the art piece and its underlying meaning.