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Bill Cosby's Realist Commencement Keynote Emphasizes Real Goals

 - Jan 10, 2013
In this commencement keynote by Bill Cosby, he stops all the college graduate dreamers in their tracks and warns against dreaming their lives away.

Bill Cosby takes no prisoners in this brutally honest wake up call of a commencement speech. He visits Temple University and speaks to recent graduates about what's next for them. One of his main points is that life is not built on vague, abstract dreaming as is often the rhetoric around graduation time. He even starts the keynote saying, "Dreams, dreams, dreams...wake up."

This starkly realist approach to a commencement keynote continues to the end as he forecasts that in a few decades they'll be seated here again watching their children graduate from college. And, he adds, they'll be broke just like their parents are now. While the negativity is all in good fun, Cosby's main message is to take real action in building their futures.