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An Open Source Benefits Speech by Simon Phipps Promotes Empowerment

 - Jan 4, 2013
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Simon Phipps, a computer programmer and open source activist at OSI (the Open Source Initiative), delivers an interesting open source benefits speech. He encourages the audience to look back ten years from the presence and to appreciate just how much things have changed; the biggest change being that open source has become the default for the computer industry.

What Phipps hopes to see in the very near future is a member organization around the open source initiative, which will open up individual membership and empower people to accomplish a variety of things. From sending a letter to the state government to starting a social fund, this membership will create a neutral platform of empowerment.

Simon Phipps' open source benefits speech is a brief but informative reflection of his company, which is dedicated to educating others on the power of open source.