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The David Schomer talk on the art of espresso is actually quite scientific. The founder of the...

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David Schomer's Coffee Presentation on Accurate Temperature Measurement

 - Jan 30, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his coffee presentation, David Schomer discusses his life-long love affair with coffee and his scientific endeavors to create a cup that is as aromatic as possible. The speaker notes that when coffee tastes acidic or bitter, one common reason is the customers received stale beans or pre-ground coffee. With a background in precision measurement, he got into the coffee business and eventually published the book Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques in 1995.

The coffee presentation offers very specific tips on how to incorporate the delicate fragrances and flavors into espresso. In addition to being delicious, Schomer's work helped turn coffee into a culinary art, as evidenced with latte art. The founder of Seattle's Espresso Vivace, the coffee expert produces a video course and released a new book called Espresso Coffee 2013.