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Leah Eichler's Power of Asking Talk Considers Queries Strategic

 - Dec 13, 2013
In her power of asking talk, Leah Eichler urges us to pursue our metaphorical "cup of sugar." In today's fast-paced, technological world, moseying on over to our neighbor's for a cup of sugar might seem nostalgic and old fashioned. It would be easy to blame technology for alienating us, but in truth, as Eichler notes, technology has made us more social than ever. Indeed, it mimics behavior we already engage in in our day to day lives. However, just because it fosters communication, it doesn't mean it's getting us what we want.

Eichler suggests that behavior that helps us excel in academic fields (which she refers to as "Lisa Simpson" behavior) doesn't necessarily translate well into the professional world. She noticed that hard work and dedication weren't getting her to the places she wanted to be. In comparison, people who created relationships over shared experiences were able to utilize them by asking -- and receiving -- what they wanted (their cup of sugar, so to speak). While asking for something might seem like an exposing, vulnerable experience, Eichler assures us that it's a deeply strategic move. What starts as a cup of sugar can quickly turn into a cup of coffee, and eventually cake.