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Neema Moraveji's Calming Technology Speech Discusses Relaxing Apps

 - Jul 19, 2013
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Speaker Neema Moraveji's calming technology speech is all about apps and programs that help people to fight off stress and encourage a more healthy lifestyle overall. It's interesting to think about technology as the solution for stress when it's often a trigger for unhealthy behavior.

Moraveji talks about a course he teaches at Stanford University that's focused on calming technology and stress-reducing apps. He tells viewers about a smartphone screen lock page that starts consumers out with a score of 100 and takes a point away every time someone checks the phone. This is to show people how often they fiddle with their phones each day, since individuals often do it subconsciously. He also discusses a Google mail tool that his class uses, allowing people to mark emails as 'burn,' 'shred' or 'heart', depending on the content. Essentially this just makes checking mail more fun and brings emotion into it.

Since most people already immerse themselves in the world of technology, Moraveji encourages the use of these calming apps and technological tools. From apps that remind consumers to eat healthy to helpful email sorting tools, these apps will help to reduce technology related stress.