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Andrew Mcafee's Robotic Advancement Speech Showcases the Benefits of Robots

 - Jun 12, 2013
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In Andrew McAfee's robotic advancement speech he discusses the possibilities that can come about from the evolution of the robotic technology in society.

Technological unemployment is a facet in the manual workforce that causes concern for many people. From speaking to identifying and understanding, the amount of actions that robots are capable of performing is growing each day. According to McAfee, the upsurge in the robotic development will benefit society in a way that manual labor never could have.

The technological progress allows for the continued progression of society. The replacement of human beings in the manual workforce will result in an increase in product output, which eventually results in lower price tags for products. Once the machines have the capability to perform certain manual tasks, people will be liberated from the constraints of the workforce. It will allow people to explore aspects of the world that weren't possible due to the constraints of workforce-based society.