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A Business Sustainability Keynote by Tamara Giltsoff

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: tamaragiltsoff & psfk
In Tamara Giltsoff's business sustainability keynote, she discusses why most current business models of companies around the world have difficulty integrating sustainability in their companies.

Giltsoff points out that most companies have not fully developed a proper design model for integrating sustainability in their businesses and that the commercial function of sustainability is not given any proper thought. She believes that for companies to successfully integrate sustainability, companies need to frame that concept in their core values.

She believes that most of the world's problem can be resolved, if companies were able to create new business models dedicated towards sustainability. For such innovation in sustainability to occur companies who are trying to integrate sustainability must make incremental changes. In most new business models there's always a risk, but there's also the chance for innovative opportunities as Giltsoff states.