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This David Deutsch Keynote Explores the Greater Impact of the Planet

 - May 14, 2012
References: ted & youtu.be
Solving the problem of climate change and sustainability based on the information and knowledge we already possess regarding the universe is the focus of this David Deutsch keynote. As the physicist explains, the planet is much more dependent on what is out there in the universe -- and vice versa -- than people initially perceive. He also contributes that, contrary to popular belief, human beings are not the hub of existence.

Despite this insignificance is size, planet earth does in fact play an influential role in the structure and design of the rest of the universe. With that being said, he applies this theory to tackling the problem of climate change and sustainability. He sees a need for humans to shift their preoccupation with resources to one of knowledge, because as humans, we are much more equipped to deal with problems by that manner.