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A Financial Responsibility Keynote from Manfred Max-Neef

 - Aug 7, 2012
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Manfred Max-Neef’s financial responsibility keynote tackles the ongoing international debt problem and other issues being experienced globally. The economist and author of 'Barefoot Economics' takes an unconventional route to figuring out his own ideas on the crisis.

His focus is on sustainability, development and breaking away from the neo-liberal model that many countries around the world have taken on. His keynote at the Zermatt Summit 2012 conference adds a fascinating perspective to the financial crisis of humanity. His concern over suicide rates, starvation and many other causes of death that are rising in various parts of the world is rare from the viewpoint of economics. While humans are fundamentally self-serving for the purpose of survival, Max-Neef believes we can do this while helping others enough to eliminate key issues around the world.