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Clive Boddy Talks Corporate Psychopaths in His Bullying Speech

 - Feb 20, 2014
References: us.macmillan & youtube
Author Clive Boddy warns his audience about the danger of corporate psychopaths in his bullying speech. In a society where bullying most often brings up images of the play ground or classroom, corporate psychopaths, or bullies in the workplace are a growing concern. Boddy discusses how these corporate psychopaths use manipulation and other emotional tactics to gain power an success at the expense of others. Psycopaths have no sense of empathy for others and often cause a lot of damage to further their own agenda.

In his bullying speech, Clive Boddy remarks that a large percentage of office bullying (up to 36% in the UK) is down to corporate psychopaths. He goes on to bring up the Enron scandal as an example of corporate bullying perpetuating ethical problems and and creating a toxic and destructive workplace.