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Judith Butler Explores the Effect of Behavior on Gender

 - Feb 10, 2012
References: rhetoric.berkeley.edu & youtu.be
Professor and philosopher Judith Butler discusses gender as a phenomenon that is produced and reproduced constantly, and that is performed.

Judith Butler argues that we are all role playing, creating a "consolidated impression of being a man or a woman," which is crucial to the world we live in. Judith Butler is of the view that no one is really of any gender when they are born, but through institutional powers, like psychiatric normalization, and gender "policing," like bullying, we are kept in our "gendered place."

Difficulties arise, of course, for those who are "gender different" or non-conforming, like being called "sissy boys" or "tomboys," and since such are so commonplace, it becomes clear that the confines we are conditioned to accept without challenge are not applicable to a large part of the population.