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Reihan Salam on How the Recession Will Affect Male Social Norms

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: reihansalam & youtube
In this intriguing discussion with American non-fiction writer and policy analyst Reihan Salam, he discusses how the stereotype of men being the dominant breadwinners in a family cannot possibly last in coming generations. He shows how the recent economic recession and how it’s affected men in the labor force, who don’t typically have a college education, will start to lose their attachment to bourgeois norms that maintain what a man’s social status should be.

With this being the case, Salam believes that men may be more inclined to engage in pathological behaviors. In this informative and controversial conversation, Reihan Salam offers viewers his insights regarding the topic of the current economic recession and shows how its effects may have boarder social implications for unemployed and laid off men than experts have previously predicted.