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Ricky Gervais' Animal Rights Talk Expresses Anger Over Animal Cruelty

 - Sep 1, 2013
References: rickygervais & youtu.be
Comedian Ricky Gervais attacks animal cruelty in this animal rights talk. Gervais makes it clear in this short speech that what bothers him most in terms of animal cruelty is when animals are mistreated for trivial reasons.

Gervais points out that bull fighting is still a form of entertainment in the world. This seemingly baffles the star. He states that it's a sport where an audience watches a bull being stabbed to death, and there's simply no good reason for that kind of blatant cruelty. Gervais says plainly that when people get hurt in the process of bull fighting, they are to blame.

Gervais questions the need for items like fur coats, because it seems ludicrous to ignore animal rights for the sake of fashion. He passionately shares his disgust with animal cruelty in this talk.