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Penn Jillette's Government Speech Talks About America

 - Aug 17, 2013
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Penn Jillette discusses the beauty in mistrusting authority in this government speech. Jillette says that no matter who is in power in America, they will always be questioned and given a hard time, and that's great. Jillette explains that if a government leader is being scrutinized constantly, it means that people care about the protection of their rights.

Jillette says that if America had a government that could "get things done," it would be a bad thing, because they would achieve change through taking away rights.

Jillette says that he personally questions any political figure who pushes for war, or taxes people to provide for others. Jillette claims that while he would like to help the less fortunate, it's immoral for the government to take other people's money away. Helping others is only good when nobody is being forced.