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E.O. Wilson's Alien Talk Imagines Other Planetary Lifeforms

 - Nov 27, 2014
References: youtube
Biologist E.O Wilson's alien talk brings to light the notion that if the Earth can foster life, then it is highly likely that there must be other living lifeforms in our galaxy living on similar planets. Expanding on this idea, Wilson shares how he imagines these extraterrestrial creatures would potentially look like.

Since our galaxy is so unbelievably vast and large, it is quite probable that there is a planet somewhere in the universe with a similar planetary makeup as the Earth. Wilson shares a far-fetched, but nonetheless interesting, vision for how these lifeforms,that he refers to as E.T, might look like. Wilson speculates that they might have eight spider-like limbs, tentacles or even fingers like humans. Regardless of how these aliens might look, Wilson claims that "E.T. is out there.. There just has to be in the hundred million star system a galaxy that we belong."