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Dan Berkenstock Talks Innovation in His Satellite Tech Speech

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: skyboximaging & youtube
Engineer Dan Berkenstock talks about building a revolutionary satellite in his satellite tech speech. Berkenstock noticed, as a student, that satellites were prohibitively expensive, and as a result, the number of pictures and the number of places seen regularly by these satellites were few and far between. Berkenstock and his team set out to build an affordable and effective satellite for launching into space.

Berenstock goes on to discuss how his team reinvented the standard satellite by making it only about the size of a miniature fridge, while implanting it with technology that would provide high quality and cost effective video scanning technology.

Berenstock's satellite tech speech identifies tracing satellites as creating global transparency, and his story highlights the importance of scientific and technological innovation to human development.