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Heidi Hammel is a planetary astronomer who has given short speeches and interviews about space...

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Heidi Hammel's Planetary Exploration Speech is About Space

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: spacescience.org & youtu.be
Heidi Hammel talks about human space travel and why it's come to a halt in this planetary exploration speech. Hammel points out that the technology required to explore, and live in space for a few years currently exists. Unfortunately space exploration is extremely expensive, which is why many space programs have been cancelled. She says that the only thing standing in the way of continued planetary exploration is money and motivation.

She believes that motivations for travelling to space would likely have to be political or economical. Hammel believes that if another big country launched a space program, the American government would likely feel the need to compete.

Hammel points out that many large corporations are expressing interest in space exploration, and she believes this could lead to new funding for space programs.