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John Seely Brown’s Adaptation Address Discusses Tech Advancements

 - Oct 29, 2013
In his adaptation address, John Seely Brown discusses the role technology plays in our quickly changing world. In this graduation speech, he discusses the importance of context versus content and how the former is invaluable. He also elaborates on the increasing role of robots in the workforce and how man and machine together will go the farthest, compared to man or machine alone. He uses chess as an example, where a team of humans working together with a machine can beat the best chess super computers in addition to the best human players in the world.

The ability to adapt is paramount at this time. Where as the shelf life of a skill used to be 30 years, it is now about five. This means most learning will have to take place outside the classroom and in the work place. He advises the audience not to get stuck in ruts. He finishes his adaptation address by saying everything is interconnected and encouraging the new graduates to think about biology and emerging systems.