40 Liquefying Innovations
Photos of 40 Liquefying Innovations (Via: Full Article)

40 Liquefying Innovations Photos

With the vast number of dripping, melting, and bleeding products, artwork, and concepts out there, you’d think society had a problem with solids. Maybe it’s fluidity we’re obsessed with, as it is…[More]

Dripping Developments, from Melting Skin Yoga to Bleeding Tables 1

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Bizarrely Surreal Illustrations

1 Bizarrely Surreal Illustrations

Cordless Fitness Earphones

2 Cordless Fitness Earphones

Miniature Dystopian Art (UPDATE)

3 Miniature Dystopian Art (UPDATE)

Adorably Animated Proposals

4 Adorably Animated Proposals

Multipurpose Hair Clips

5 Multipurpose Hair Clips

Twisting Staircase Treehouses

6 Twisting Staircase Treehouses