The Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel Installation Sounds Like Raindrops

 - May 15, 2011
References: & itsnicethat
The Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel art installation already looks impressive enough that I probably wouldn't be surprised if you thought you could bypass watching the accompanying video. If you did do that, you would be sorely disappointed. This unique display is singular because of its stunning soundscape element.

Curated by Rokolectiv Bucharest and exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum MNAC in Bucharest, Romania, the Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel art installation sounds like rain pattering against a window pane. Soothing and relaxing, it reminds me of the spring season that we are currently at the tail end of.

The Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel art installation is comprised of 200 prepared motors that essentially dance against 2,000 cardboard elements, creating the sound of raindrops.