The ZeroHome 2.0 Reinvents the Typical American House

 - Sep 28, 2011
References: kbhome & treehugger
The ZeroHome 2.0 makes it abundantly clear that building an environmentally sound home amounts to more than slapping on a pair of solar cells. Instead, you have to rebuild and redesign the entire edifice from start to bottom, and the ZeroHome 2.0 shows us how.

Beyond the state-of-the-art solar panels installed on the roof, this concept house looks relatively inconspicuous, but design studio KH Homes has made it abundantly clear that most of the eco-friendly changes are hidden, between the walls or outright invisible. Insulation, a rain-catching system and a solar-powered water heater all help this model building reach carbon neutrality very quickly. Best of all, when operating under normal use, the ZeroHome 2.0 is expected to supply surplus electricity -- imagine receiving a payment from the electric company!