Yubico's YubiKey USB Dongles Now Work With Windows 10

 - Apr 18, 2018
References: yubico & techcrunch
Strong passwords are important in keeping one's accounts secure from hackers, but remembering dozens of strong passwords is one of the biggest annoyances of modern-day connectivity; thanks to new compatibility with Windows 10, the YubiKey USB dongle from Yubico has the potential to eliminate passwords entirely. The USB device provides a secure, universal login for users, and with Windows 10 capability it can apply to a large portion of PC users around the world.

Yubico worked with Microsoft in order to create FIDO2, a new authentication standard that removes passwords in favor of a physical device like the YubiKey USB. Thanks to this development, the USB can serve as a second factor in a two-factor authentication solution, a strong first factor, or it can be paired with a PIN to let users into the most high-security systems, like financial transactions.