Oprah Channel

 - Nov 2, 2007
References: thoughtgadgets
The world's biggest trend hunter, Oprah Winfrey, has acknowledged that traditional media is endangered... unless it makes the switch to the web.

When Oprah does anything, the rest of the world follows. She has given YouTube the biggest endorsement that money can't buy. By taking her company, Harpo Productions, online with the Oprah Channel on YouTube, another nail has been put in the coffin of traditional media.

"For marketers, this may be the final impetus to move ad dollars away from traditional broadcast to online video formats," according to ThoughtGadgets.com.

"Some analysts have remained skeptical, pointing out that about three-quarters of political advertising in 2008, or $2.5 billion, will be spent on old-school TV. But consider the facts: DVR sales are rising to nearly 20% market penetration, and as Broadcasting & Cable reports, most major primetime shows are now posted online for free. The cable networks are scared silly about where all these consumer eyeballs are headed."

Oprah isn't just a trend hunter, she's also a trend setter. Don't be surprised to see celebrity YouTube channels sprout like marijuana grow-ops in Canada. The real question is, which will be more profitable? Marijuana in Canada, or Oprah on the web? I'll bet on Winfrey!