From Superstar Branding to Marion Jones Interviews

 - Oct 30, 2008
Living branding legend Oprah Winfrey has interviewed Marion Jones for one more broadcast feather in her cap. She’s created a successful talk show, launched two magazines, authored a number of books, established a new satellite radio channel, and contributed to innumerable charitable organizations.

Oprah Winfrey is widely considered the most powerful woman in the U.S.--if not the world. She’s scored exclusive interviews with the likes of Marion Jones, Tom Cruise and the pregnant man.

Due to Oprah’s worldwide fame, her opinion carries a significant amount of weight. That she lined up an interview with fallen Olympian Marion Jones is a testament to the characters of both women.

Oprah Winfrey is credited with creating the intimate, confessional-like talk show atmosphere. Her interview with Marion Jones yesterday continued that theme.