The 'You Need More Sleep' Infographic Urges People to Get Some Shut-Eye

The 'You Need More Sleep' Infographic has a clear argument for readers that is presented well with facts to back it up. The point is that people are not getting enough sleep which can be quite detrimental to productivity and overall happiness.

The infographic points out that, while the average American spends 7.5 hours a night in bed, only 6.1 of those hours are spent sleeping. Sleeping for only six hours a night increases one's odds of obesity by 27% and five hours a night increases that to 73 per cent. A lack of sleep can also be dangerous not just for oneself, but for others; drowsiness is the cause of 20% of all car crashes and 60% of drivers get behind the wheel while drowsy.

The You Need More Sleep Infographic makes a compelling argument that everyone should read and pay attention to.