The Conceptual 'Yo' Dehumidifier Eliminates Bathroom Moisture

 - Nov 2, 2018
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Yo' dehumidifier has been designed by Erik Park as multipurpose appliance for the bathroom that will keep bacteria, mold and mildew growth at bay by eliminating excess moisture from the air.

The appliance is designed to look like a traditional bathroom rack and can even be used to hang your towel after use to let it dry. The unit will absorb any moisture that is evaporated from the towel during the drying process to keep your bathroom feeling clean and fresh after every use.

The conceptual 'Yo' dehumidifier features a stainless steel bar that can be easily wiped between uses to keep it as sanitary and germ-free as desired. The rack could also be used for hanging damp clothing to dry it without the need for a traditional laundry rack for additional space savings.