Yeonju Sung Created Gorgeous Dresses from Kitchen Ingredients

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: visualnews
Korean artist Yeonju Sung's edible dress series brings together two opposing worlds: fashion and food. The creations are not incredibly functional, wearable or edible, but they are amazingly captivating.

However as we decipher from the artist's statements, functionality is not what she was after. In an excerpt from Visual News, Sung states, "As time goes by, the food from my work do go through a progression of disappearance due to the nature of food and gets gradually changed into the hideous state fading its shape and color in the process."

The aim with this project is to explore the temporary nature of our possessions and belongings. Her work reminds us that change is a constant in our lives and regardless of how beautiful something may look for a certain period of time, it must be recognized as something purely temporary.