Janne Kytannen's Concept Introduces Cutting-Edge Manufacturing to Meal Preparation

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: jannekyttanen & wgsn-hbl.blogspot
Imagine replacing the process of rolling out noodles from a mechanical or a manual pasta maker in favor of an astoundingly high-tech alternative that we'll call 3D-printed food. Co-founder of the Freedom of Creation design studio, Janne Kytannen puts forth an intriguing idea that could revolutionize the way in which edibles are made.

A close look into these dishes will reveal quite an eclectic and even eccentric assortment of noodles. Men's heads, marine plants, wedge shoes and strings of text have been mixed into a marinara sauce and a light-colored soup. These unexpected forms are simply smaller versions of some of the designer's larger sculptures. 3D-printed food could take a cornucopia of shapes and sizes, intended for aesthetics, easy consumption or both.