- Jan 26, 2015
While it could be argued that sexy and fish belong on opposite ends of the spectrum, I would like to point your attention to mermaid cut dresses and these insanely yummy fish sauce recipes. These dishes challenge you to think outside the chicken broth box and incorporate Asian flair in your kitchen.

Soups and stews like the Thai curry gourd-stuffed sensation are surprisingly delightful. These soup recipes are ideal in the colder months, and can even be dressed up and served in the shell of a roasted seasonal vegetable like pumpkin or squash. Fish sauce also complements summer dishes, such as 1-2 Simple Cooking's unconventional summer seafood salad which incorporates watermelon, crab and fresh herbs like cilantro and mint.

What's great about fish sauce is that it's a versatile condiment that packs a lot of flavour. And while some people may not like a strong "fishy" taste in their meal, you can use the condiment in a variety of recipes. Beyond traditional meals, fish sauce can also be used in cocktails, cupcakes and ice ceams.

If you're interested in more Asian-inspired recipes, you should check out the contestants in Season 2 of Thai Kitchen Canada's #TKeveryday Recipe Challenge. Fans voted for their favourite dishes and received all sorts of prizes, like the Moulinex Infiny Press Slow Juicer and an assortment of handy kitchen gadgets from Dreamfarm. The top five dishes are now entered into the CANADA VOTE portion launching February 18th. The CANADA VOTE period runs until March 18th with voters eligible to win one of three Grand Prize items, including a Traeger Elite Smoker, Marvel Beverage Refrigerator and Gordon Ramsay Maze Cookware sets.

The winner of Thai Kitchen Recipe Challenge will be announced on March 30th. Vote now and support your favourite recipe for a chance to win.

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