Claire McCulloch's Pasta Packaging Employs the Product for its Typography

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: uqam & thedieline
It's quite difficult to achieve with the majority of edible products, but Claire McCulloch's pasta packaging quite cleverly appropriates the foods' physical characteristics into the very text that labels it. The UQAM student worked with a range of five types of noodles and scrawled the name of each sort straight across, as if with that particular piece of cooked pasta.

Capellini is the finest variety, so it's marked with the most delicate cursive writing. Next in thickness is spaghettini, then spaghetti, then linguini, followed by fettuccini. That last sort of noodle is labeled with a delightfully chubby font, printed onto the paper wrapper in a cheerful red ink. Each piece of Claire McCulloch's pasta packaging suggests the stoutness of its scrumptious contents.