The Yeelight Candela Offers a Warm, Customizable Glow

 - Aug 8, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Yeelight Candela was designed for those seeking a less hazardous and more convenient way of illuminating a space with a comforting warm glow than what traditional candles offer.

The lamp offers a sleek cylindrical glass shape, the interior of which contains a small tube that resembles the flame of a candle when it is turned on. The Yeelight Candela is connected to the consumer's phone via Bluetooth, where it can be controlled with its accompanying app. Those interested in this product can purchase several for special events, or can purchase them in minimum quantities for various mood-setting purposes.

The warm glow this product gives off is almost exactly the same as that of candlelight, but it offers a more convenient way to achieve it.