Yahoo! Connected Televisions Offer Wicked Widgets

 - Sep 17, 2010   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: yhoo.client.shareholder & gearlog
Yahoo! and Toshiba have announced that they will work together to bring Yahoo! Connected televisions to your home.

The partnership offers new Toshiba HDTV buyers access to Yahoo! widgets like YouTube, news alerts from online publishers, audio from Pandora, and even offers to let you view your social media feed from Facebook and Twitter. Bringing viewers back to the television industry by incorporating widgets is a great idea to enhance TV viewership.

Implications - This tech-tycoon partnership gives consumers access to over 50,000 films and television shows, as well as other sources of entertainment like news and interactive games. With a simple click of a button, over 65 Yahoo! TV Widgets are available to the viewer. The marriage between television and computers has only grown stronger with the rise of social media, and business partnerships like this one ensure that everybody wins, from the CEOs to the customers.