RIde Along and Play a Tune on the Xylophone Bridge

 - Sep 15, 2010   Updated: Aug 2 2011
References: treehugger & psfk
Yeon Jae Won and Woo Jeong Meo created a wonderfully interactive bike path called the Xylophone Bridge.

When a cyclist rides over this bike path, it plays music and lights up at the same time. The bike path plays a tune through the weight of a cyclist, triggering a hammer which hits a different musical key within the wooden bars along the path. This Xylophone Bridge is very in-tune with cyclists.

Implications - As consumers try to lead more environmentally conscious lives, many of them are looking for added incentives to use alternative transport as opposed to standard vehicles. Corporations may similarly introduce benefits programs for customers utilizing their products as this will definitely enhance the purchase appeal of their wares while providing an incentive that their competitors aren't.